Dario Salvi


Dario Salvi was born in Brescia (Northern Italy) in September 1975. From a very young age he displayed a great interest in music and it was not long before he started studying soprano saxophone with Philarmonica S.Cecilia in his home-town of Sarezzo.

After years of studying soprano saxophone and music theory as a teenager, he soon became an in-demand saxophonist and worked with many bands and big-bands, for which he also acted as arranger.

He then joined the army and became Deputy Bandmaster of the Tridentina Regimental Band of The Alpine Troops, of which he has remained an active member until 2011.

After having studied jazz harmony and modern music theory and becoming a professional bass player, he started touring Europe and the USA with several international artists.

He started conducting in 2006 and has never looked back.

After graduating with honours in Applied Psychology from the University of Derby, he moved to England in 2011 to read for a Masters Degree in Conducting. During this time he worked with Chamber Orchestra Anglia and the University of East Anglia Symphony Orchestra.

Dario 1 B&W CroppedSoon after graduation he founded the Imperial Vienna Orchestra, composed of some of the best musicians in the East of England. He has made the orchestra a very successful musical enterprise and is proud to bring a new approach to classical music to the UK.


As a member of the Johann Strauss Society of Great Britain he has been very active in arranging new music from the Viennese Archives for orchestra, quartets and military bands. Of note is his work on the  completion of 'Lily Waltz' by Johann Strauss III, which is the last ever title from the Strauss family. 


Currently he is Musical Director of Hellesdon & Sprowston Brass Band, Bridgham & East Harling Concert Band, and Broadland Brass Band as well as of the Imperial Vienna Orchestra.

  Dario Salvi